Need help moving your Hot Tub in Utah?
We specialize in hot tub moving! We move spas everyday! Trust ONLY the experts!

The Best Hot Tub Movers in Salt Lake City

We specialize in moving hot tubs and spas in the state of Utah. Our movers are experienced and skilled in moving these large and heavy items. We understand that your hot tub is a valuable investment, so we take great care in ensuring its safe transport.

Why should you hire a professional hot tub mover?

There are several reasons. 

  1. A professional mover has the experience and expertise to safely move your hot tub. They know how to properly cushion and secure it for transport, which reduces the risk of damage.
  2. Hiring a professional mover can save you time and hassle. Trying to move a hot tub on your own can be difficult and dangerous. Hot tubs are heavy and cumbersome, and can be difficult to maneuver. A professional mover will take care of everything for you, so you can relax and enjoy your new hot tub!
  3. Moving hot tubs is not a smart move for your body and well being. We have encountered countless people who have attempted to move hot tubs themselves, only to end up injuring themselves or their backs. The smart move is almost always pay for a professional mover to transport your hot tub!

What is the step by step process for moving my Hot Tub in Utah?

  1.  Give Utah Hot Tub Movers a call and let us know what type of Hot Tub you have, the date you need it moved, and your location.
  2. We will then give you a free quote for the move.
  3. If you decide to hire us, we will send out one of our movers to assess the move and give you an exact time frame for when it can be moved.
  4. We will then pack up your hot tub and transport it to its new location.
  5. We will unpack your hot tub and set it up in its new location according to your instructions.

What is your purpose in being a hot tub moving company?

Our purpose is to provide our customers with the best possible hot tub moving service at an affordable price. We take pride in our work, and we always go the extra mile to make sure our customers are happy. We want make sure you have the best hot tub moving company to help you transport your hot tub or spa, with no head ache to you!

If you are in need of a Hot Tub mover in Utah, please give us a call! We would be happy to help you get your hot tub moved safely and efficiently.

What cities do you move hot tubs in Utah?

We move hot tubs within the 3 most popular counties in Utah: Salt Lake County, Davis County, and Utah County.

The most popular cities within these counties we move tubs are:

We service a ton more cities than the above, but these are popular Utah cities we move hot tubs in! Be sure to visit our Areas We Serve Page!

Hot Tub Movers Near Me

Do you need hot tub movers near me? Utah Tub & Spa Movers can help! We have local hot tub movers in every major city across Salt Lake, Davis and Utah counties! Just give us a call or request a free quote on our website!

What's the difference between a Hot Tub and a Spa?

Spas are typically smaller and have less jets than hot tubs. They are also more affordable and therefore, more popular. Hot tubs are larger, often accommodate more people, and provide a wider range of massage options. The name “Hot Tub” is more a general term for most outside hot tubs with heavy water capacity, but the name “Spa” can also reference many hot tubs as well, although the word spa represents a double meaning ie day spas, etc.

Regardless of whatever you call your hot tub or spa, we move them all!

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