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Steps To Conduct Before Calling A Hot Tub Mover Service

Moving a hot tub can be very daunting, especially given that they are expensive and people have invested a lot in it. However, if you are relocating and want to take the hot tub with you, then there are a number of things that you need to follow through with to remove the hot tub.

In this post, we will address the steps in detail that a person must take before calling the movers to move a hot tub. Starting with the draining and cleaning, then how to hire professional movers.

Steps To Conduct Before Calling A Hot Tub Mover Service

Draining Process

Firstly, cut off the power source. Look for the breaker control within the circuit box, and flip it toward the off point. Simply remove the wall plug if you have gotone of the 110v spa models. It should be noted that hot tubs which are directly attached to the power source will need to be properly disconnected by an electrician or a moving service representative.

The hose should be connected to the drain valve. Locate the drain valve, take off the cover, attach a garden hose to one end of it, and take the other side to a suitable drainage area.

To let the water out, release the spa drain valve. You can let the water drain naturally, but it can take a while. Water can be drained in ten to fifteen minutes by using a hydraulic pump to expedite the process. Remember that it is against the law in some places and subject to fines to pour spa water down a drain that flows to the sea.

The leftover water can be extracted with a wet-dry vacuum. Even with a pumping system, little water will still collect at the tub’s base and stay in the pipework and pumps. After removing puddles, shift to push mode on the vacuum. Use the vacuum to clear the water remaining in the pipework by putting the nozzle on the drain valve so that the water is forced out towards the other ends of the jets. This step is particularly crucial if you’re relocating the tub to a location with subfreezing temperatures.

Sanitize the hot tub. Before transporting the tub, you may wish to take advantage of the chance to give it a good scrubbing and fix any exterior scratches.

How To Hire Professional Hot Tub Movers?

Now that you are done with the cleaning and have the tub ready for the move call the local hot tub movers in your vicinity. Tell the agent about the model and the tub size, agree upon the truck size, and ask for the additional equipment and supplies you could need when replacing the hot tub in your new home. Then, get a quote from the different companies, and after reviewing the customer service,you can go ahead and sign a deal.